Behold The Glory, Norway 2018


We have just returned from a ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ with Steve Murray and Behold Mime Ministries. A Northern Lights and Arctic Circle experience with God at the centre – a truly ecumenical and life-enhancing weekend.

Excellent thermal winter suits and boots provided by the lodge – just walk outside to see the wonders of the night sky, beautiful bright twinkling stars with no light pollution.  Shooting stars, songs, jokes and laughter keeping us warm and alert for the elusive Northern Lights – a wonderful natural phenomenon explained as solar particles bouncing off the earth’s magnetic field dance mysteriously and majestically across the night sky.

Steve Murray, as well as being a truly gifted Christian Mime artist and evangelist is also a professional photographer so showed us how to take incredible photos of the Lights in all their glory using the tripod.

The mornings are beautiful blue sky tinged with pink and white fluffy clouds as the sun rises over the majestic snowy rolling plateau.  It is so invigorating to go for a walk along the lane before breakfast to work up an appetite for the tasty and warming porridge and the rest of the delicious feast which was breakfast at Gargia Mountain Lodge.

Drive husky sleds – learn about the endurance required and imagine the exhilaration of racing a sleigh with 8 huskies for a 500km 4 day race across the Finnmark Plateau.  This is what our host does.

Drive snow-mobiles ; visit the Sami people and ride in reindeer sleds.

Visit the Sorrisniva Ice Hotel – drink ice vodka in ice glasses and say a quick prayer in the Ice Chapel.  We had to wait a while as there was an Ice Wedding going on !

Visit Alta Cathedral of the Northern Lights – a modern architectural marvel celebrating its 5th anniversary and full of people on a Sunday morning, including the Bishop and Sami people.

In the evenings we were entertained and uplifted by Steve’s thought provoking, amusing and often tear-jerkingly profound mimes set to music.  His mimes are The Christian themes of love and hope overcoming our human feelings of guilt and fear.

All in all a wonderfully powerful mix of spiritual uplift in a stunningly beautiful and peaceful part of the world. We returned refreshed both physically and spiritually.

You can view a short film of the trip, created by Steve here.

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