Perfect Travel Inspired Presents – Christmas 2017


Christmas is nearly upon us so we have put together a list of goodies for the avid traveller.

Scratch The World Map
The satisfying feeling when you remove the gold foil and unearth another travelled to destination is nearly as good as the actual trip. Not only does this let you see where you have been instantly, but it inspires you to visit so many more places. You can buy it here



Aspinal’s Leather Collection
This has everything for the upmarket traveller. You can have your passport holder, ticket pocket and even your luggage tag all embossed with your initials for free so you never have to have an awkward moment of running off into the distance with someone else’s luggage. Have a look here


A Wanderlust Magazine Subscription
What could be more apt but a magazine all about travel? Every single month of the year your present receiver will be reminded of what a fantastic, thoughtful friend/relation you are as they discover more journeys they want to go on. Wanderlust is filled with inspirational and off the beaten track trips that can whet the appetite of even the most hesitatant. You can peruse here



Trtl Travel Pillow
Now this doesn’t sound like the most exciting present but just wait… Imagine getting off a plane with no hideous stiff neck, feeling refreshed from your wonderful sleep even though you were sitting in the middle seat. It is half the size of the standard U-Shaped travel pillow, weighs half a pound and can be popped straight in the washing machine on your return. Peak your interest here



Raden Smart Suitcase
The most intelligent luggage out there; it has a built in charger, integrated scales and even location awareness using Bluetooth. There are two USB ports so you can charge your tablet and phone while on the go. All of this connects directly to your phone where there is also the instant mobile chat support if you are having any problems. This is the perfect present for any disorganised traveller, they just need to remember to charge the bag before they go… Based in the USA they ship all over the world, take a look


Alternatively you could be really wonderful and book one of our villas, chalets or tours for a week or two. I think we know which we would prefer.
Explore them here.

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