Stories From The Waterberg


Cassian and Jane had a fantastic night attending Stories From The Waterberg fundraising evening, sponsored by JC Journeys. The event gave those in attendance a chance to hear how their support provides new stories for many people in the Waterberg. They heard how Ant Baber had three rhino brutally poached on his reserve which acted as the catalyst for him, alongside his wife Tessa, to launch Save The Waterberg Rhino. Jessica Babich spoke about how rhino are saving people while Peter Farrant talked on How the Zebra got its Stripes.

The Waterberg Trust supports a broad range of projects including conservation, health and education to help uplift the people and place of the Waterberg. Recently they employed a school nurse who works across the schools in the region providing support to the pupils. This is one of the many carefully targeted, sustained and monitored projects that The Waterberg Trust has introduced over the years. To learn more you can visit their website or to make a donation please visit here

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