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Testimonials & Experiences

We hope you enjoy reading the testimonials and experiences from clients who have been on one, or more, of our pilgrimages or spiritual journeys! We love enabling people to have stress-free holidays whilst bringing the bible alive and aiding spiritual reflection.

The Holy Land

“This was a trip of a lifetime!” Richenda

Holy Island Patmos

“It worked very well that several groups were included, everyone looked out for each other. Wonderful spiritual experience, really brought St. John alive. The hotel was so close to the sea – daily walk along beach, quiet time. Every talk a very good idea. Patmos was such a good time for me. Thank you” Pat

“Wonderful in every way! Thank you for a lovely week” Giles & Jenny

“All the information that was delivered by the tour guides was excellent” Maria

The Camino de Compostela de Santiago

“I would just like to put in print our thanks to you all for putting together our trip. As we said everything went smoothly from the minute we left Herefordshire. We had a fantastic time; the accommodation was all very very comfortable and well thought out. Food was excellent too and the included wine an added bonus.  We have had such a wonderful experience which you have helped make possible”

The Northern Lights


Thank you for reading the testimonials and experiences! If you want to find out more about the trips we offer simply click below!

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