By the beginning of 1944 Allied Forces were massed in Southern Italy.  The German and Italian troops had erected various substantial lines of defence across Italy to hold and defeat the Allies.  In early 1944 the British and American forces were poised to attack the area of Monte Cassino.  There were four Battles here and in order to divert Axis troops the Allies planned a landing around Anzio.  These 2 campaigns were some of the hardest fought in WW2.

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  • An emotional & informative tour
  • Scene of some of the most vicious Italian battles
  • Learn about the Allied strategic campaign
  • Fly to Rome
  • Accommodation included
  • Professional & knowledgeable guides
  • Visit the beaches
  • Visit the Beach Head Museum
  • See Cassino Abbey – a German stronghold
  • Medieval town of Orvieto
  • See the difficult terrain faced
  • Learn about the human cost
  • Relive the Allied experience


During 1944 hundreds of thousands of troops were fighting along just 16 miles of front.  The name Monte Cassino comes from a strategically well placed historic hilltop which had been left unoccupied by the Germans and Anzio is the port close to the landings. You will visit battlegrounds, cemeteries, the beaches and Anzio, now a colourful and charming harbour town.

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