This insightful tour investigates the history of Croatia & Bosnia-Herzegovina from the early Slav and Ottoman eras all the way through to the early 1990s. We will discover and discuss some of the events which tore these countries apart while also gaining an understanding of the politics, history and culture. We will explore picturesque harbours, rolling hills and beautiful fortified cities.


  • Discover the old town of Split
  • Explore the fortified town of Dubrovnik
  • Uncover the capital Sarajevo
  • Learn the history of both countries
  • Talks by Major General Andrew Cumming
  • Holy Spirit Franciscan Monastery
  • Ottoman Empire houses
  • View the site of Ferdinand assassination
  • Excellent local wine and food
  • Visit Korcula, birthplace of Marco Polo
  • Explore the Mostar Bridge
  • 15th century Cathedral of St Mark
  • Explore a labyrinth of medieval streets

Croatia & Bosnia-Herzegovina

Two incredible countries with a wealth of culture and history to explore. Croatia has 1104 miles of stunning sapphire coastline viewed from medieval walled cities. The Dinaric Alps provide a stunning backdrop against the equally beautiful rivers and towns. Bosnia-Herzegovina has had a tumultuous history but in no way has this dampened it’s allure.

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